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(The law does not require impossible things)

Attorneys of International Legal Alliance render the whole range of legal services to individuals including but not limited to the following:


  • ► Representation of individuals' interests in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts on any stage of the litigation procedure;
  • ► Handling criminal cases;
  • ► Domestic relations disputes (divorce and termination of marriages, alimony (maintenance) actions, property devision actions, adoption etc.);
  • ► Inheritance disputes, will contests, actions concerning distribution of intestate property and probate assets, restoration of statutory deadlines for taking possession of intestate assets, ascertainment of legal facts concerning actual domestic relationship as relatives or dependent etc.;
  • ► Commercial litigation, Debt collection actions, Disputes over personal and real property;
  • ► Tax, international taxation, personal income tax, corporate taxes, employment-related taxes, VAT, real estate tax, tax disputes;
  • ► Employment and labor law, labor disputes;
  • ► Conducting and legal support of real estate transactions;
  • ► Intellectual property and trademark litigation;
  • ► Military law, protection of military officers' rights and interests;
  • ► Housing controversies and litigation;
  • ► Enforcement of court judgements and orders, provisional orders;
  • ► Lease of timberland (Moscow region);
  • ► Road traffic accident litigation, Representation of the participants interests, Personal injury, DWI;
  • ► Insurance litigation;
  • ► Representation of foreign citizens in courts, government bodies and third parities in the Russian Federation;
  • ► Legal translation of documents, Apostille;
  • ► Legal support of adoption procedures;


Legal counseling on a variety of legal questions and legal support of commercial and personal transactions, composition of contracts, claims, pleadings, motions and other legal documents.